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Somali Boy- A Poem by Awil Jama

Below is the poem written by Brother Awil Jama (with his Note) regarding the condition of the Somali youth. Although Brother Jama wrote this intending for the Somali youth, I feel that this poem in general addresses the issues concerning all Muslim youth- Somali, Pakistani, Arab etc.

Leave your comments below about what do you think of this poem. Thank you.

Somali Boy- A Poem
By Awil Jama,

Walking on a land where the surfaces are bound with desires and obsessions.

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Widening Gap Between Parents and their Children

A century or two ago, most of the children in the world would work with their parents in farms and help them in daily home and work related activities. They would learn the skills of their parents, start their own families when they would grow up and pass those skills to their kids.

About 2 decades ago, most of the children in the world spent their time at school and finishing school related work. The rest of the time of the day, the kids would usually spend their time with their parents at either dinner tables, or with the neighbors (if the society was so interactive).

Today, all this has changed. Changed probably for good. Kids have transitioned from playing the role of helpers to being students with independent thought and choice. However, now we are in the phase of transition, where presently parents are having real hard time giving their attention and company to their kids. This is not the case only in the United States or the West, but this problem can equally be found in the East, especially in the urban areas. Many kids have both working parents, they spend their infancy/ toddler age in the Day Care/ Child Care, instead of in the arms of one of the Parents or Grand parents (traditional nannies). The problem doesn’t end here, because this issue has become old. Many parents have gotten used to this way of life because they simply cannot meet their ends meet with only one person working.

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