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Video: East Africa Needs Your Help

Please watch this video, and extend your hand of help. After video, you can find the quick instructions.

Please click this link to donate if you are America. Choose one of the options of amount. Make sure “Designation” says “East Africa Crisis” and then click ‘Add Donation.’ You can then fill out your information.

If you live in another country, please click at this Islamic Relief World link and see how if you country flag. If its not their either, find your national organization that is Answering the Call. Please help in raising awareness!

East Africa Needs Your Help!

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Pakistan in crisis after the natural disaster that is worst than Haiti and Tsunami- Update1

Pakistan is facing the worst crisis of its history after Monsoon Rains submerged one-fifth of the country under water.

A mother carries her children through floodwater in Muzaffargarh

By Umer Sultan.

This is Part 2, read Part 1 here.

With about 2,000 dead and estimated 20 Million people affected, more than 3.5 million children are at risk for waterborne diseases, according to the UN officials.

Unless the world responds immediately, more and more of the 3.5 million children affected by the floods will be at risk of Continue reading


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Pakistan’s Northern Regions left devastated after a record breaking Monsoon Rain

By Umer Sultan

Pakistan faced the worst Monsoon Rain which caused floods wiping hundreds of villages for ever, taking hundreds of lives including many that will never be able to make it into the official “death list.” The China-Pakistan road link is disconnected and the city of Peshawar, capital of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province from the rest of the country.

On Saturday, as I was helping my sister cook Halva, she said to me:

“It feels like our lives are very selfish. There are people Continue reading

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Haiti in Catastrophe: Please Help the People of Haiti

Peace be upon every living soul that is affected by the recent 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake in Haiti. 100,000 people in Haiti have already died according to UN in Haiti, and another 3 Million are affected according to the Islamic Relief (US 5 Star rated by Charity Navigator).

Please remember the people of Haiti in your prayers, good thoughts, and in humanitarian aid.  Please give generously to you trusted charity.  Watch out for fake charities and websites in this regard thought.

Islamic Relief is running a campaign for 1 Million US $ for Haiti. Please donate @ Islamic Relief here. Islamic Relief has been rated 5 Star by the United States Charity Navigator.

Please read the gruesome reality in Haiti.

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