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Steering in the new direction!

Some brothers have asked me why I haven’t posted my thoughts about the political uprisings and on similar topics lately. I have noticed that too, most of my posts lately have been related to Islam.

You see there comes a time in your life when a lot of things happen to you very quickly and all those events folding in your life direct you to a common realization. Probably you have experienced that! Something like that has happened in my life.

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At least 500 Families went Bankcrupt in a Day!

500 families to around 2000 individuals went bankcrupt in one Day in Karachi, the industrial and economic backbone of Pakistan. WHY? because Police and Rangers were chilling in their headquarters, when this “mob” burned the economic Hub of Karachi.

Blame Taliban if you want Altaf Hussein and Asif Ali Zardari, but some of us will remember that not a single security agency was there to protect and control the situation. All this has happened before and is happening again!

Public is being fooled and getting fooled.

These families were not terrorist, they were mainly Pashton middle class, selling products @ wholesale. Will you pay for their rehablilitation Oh President of Islamic Republic, becoz thats what the Islamic Law says. May I ask you Mr. Zardari and Mr Mustafa Kamal- The Mayor of Karachi- that where was the entire POlice force, Anti Terrorist Squad, Rangers, Pakistani Military in Karachi cantonments???

Public is still sleeping.

Our freek politicians are having Picnic in Gwadar from public’s millions of ruppees of tax while taking loans from IMF, World Bank, US, and when people are being killed like its Modern Warfare game. Where is the humanity in that!

Chulloo bhar pani mein sharam se doob marna chahiye in haram khoroon ko.

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Karachi Burns on the Day of Ashura: Blood and Destruction Shook the Province

 Umer Sultan- December 29, 2009 AD/ 11 Muharram, 1431 AH

Cars parked outside a government building were set on fire. From Dawn News

Today was the Day of Ashura in Pakistan, and as normal the Shia Muslims where having their Tazia in the commemoration of the martyrdom of the Grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Hazrat Imam Hussein ibn Ali (R.A). Despite of Police security, a suicide bomber penetrated the procession, and bombed the innocent people giving death and destruction to thousands of families who lost their loved ones in it.  Various parts of Karachi were put on flames by unknown people, and so far officially 32 40 people have passed away (updated on Jan 3rd). No Police Force, No Rangers and no other Government security agency was there to stop the destruction in the immediate aftermath of the suicide bombing.

Recently Pakistan has been under attack by many different groups. Different foreign agencies are operating, extremist and militant groups are targeting under the label “Taliban,” now known as “Pakistani Taliban,” since they have been disowned by The Talibans, which are Afghan Talibans. No one has taken responsibility of these heinous acts.  The victims of this attacks were not Shia only but Sunnis too but that doesn’t matter. Who will take responsibility of this crime is something to watch. There might be a banned extremist group like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Jaish-e-Muhammad, and some other group, there might be some other group disguised as Taliban (disguised because we don’t know who these Pakistani Taliban really are).  There is a possibility that this might be an operation by some agency, or some political element of Pakistan, there might and might and might… Continue reading


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