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One Stop Guide for an Introductory Understanding of Islam

Since my High School years (in America), I have come across many people especially Muslims, who had a complete lack of understanding of Islam, although they never would admit to this. People of other faith, I understand, but Muslims not knowing A-B-C of Islam this is what I am talking about.

You might be thinking how arrogant I am to say such a thing. You might think who do I think I am that I can judge people and their understanding. Continue reading


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The Will Of The People

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence of United States and one of the founding fathers of America.

What if the will of the people in some country wants Sharia??? Will this not work then??? Just something to think about.

How much is this any different from the followings:

“Rulers usually appoint people to watch over their subjects. I appoint you a watcher over me and my behavior. If you find me at fault in word or action guide me and stop me from doing it.”

-Caliph Umar Ibn Abd al-Aziz [5th rightly guided Caliph of Muslims]

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