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Video: Darululoom Deoband Library: Rare Books and Mushaf…WOW!

Darululoom Deoband is also referred to as Al-Azhar of South Asia. It is the most famous Islamic Scholarship institution of South Asia, and one of the famous ones in the world, with rich history and background.

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Pervez Musharraf has announced a major come back to Pakistan- Part 1

Mr General Retired Pervez Musharraf has announced a major come back to the Pakistani Politics for the next national elections. He has announced that he wants to provide the 3rd option to the Pakistani people with strong leadership.

Source: swingstateofmind.com

With the incompetency of the present Pakistani administration, and the resulting deterioration of the Pakistani society, Musharraf’s announcement has fulfilled his fan’s hopes. However, there is a concern among many others. The tenure of Musharraf as the dictator of Pakistan was not the era of idealism in the history of Pakistan as Musharraf might have envisioned. His idealism of Enlightened Modernism came back to hound him and led to his resignation in order to avoid the legal consequences of trashing the Pakistani constitution.

That history aside, I have my own concerns. I liked Pervez Musharraf when he took over Pakistan in a bloodless coup in 1999 and I still do for his personality. He has the leadership skills but his ideals and principles are very worrisome.

If Musharraf would run for the Presidency of Pakistan, people will vote him (actually his party) for his personality not for his (or his party’s) ideals. This is the mental plague the Pakistani people are facing today. The problems of Pakistan will never resolve if this mentality of hero-worship continues. People of Pakistan should look at the ideals & principles of the man and party before they vote.

His Values & Principles:

A] His ideals include Enlightened Moderation:-

In the words of Pervez Musharraf:
“The world has been going through a tumultuous period since the dawn of the 1990s, with no sign of relief in sight. The suffering of the innocents, particularly my brethren in faith — the Muslims — at the hands of militants, extremists and terrorists has made it all the more urgent to bring order to this troubled scene. In this spirit, I would like to set forth a strategy I call Enlightened Moderation.” The Washington Post June 1st 2004, A23.
He explained back in 2004 that this strategy is two-fold. First are the Muslims and that they have to shun violence, and extremism and that they need to be moderate in Islam. The second part of the strategy is the West, especially the United States that it needs to deal the issues of global politics with justice.


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Examining the Washington Post Article: Poor schooling slows anti-terrorism effort in Pakistan

On January 17, 2010, the Washington Post, one of the top US Newspaper, published an article by Griff Witte entitled “Poor schooling slows anti-terrorism effort in Pakistan.”  The article contained some serious misinformation, and misrepresentation whether intended to be or it just happened to be there by accident.  Below are what I think important ones to be discussed.

The Problem and US Aid:

The problem of the Pakistani Education System[1] is known by Pakistanis, and it is a recognized problem. For decades the United States has funnelled US Tax Payer’s Dollars to mainly Pakistani Army in “aid” and either to the corrupt “democratic” government or to the US sponsored Dictatorship in Pakistan!

For the first time in the history of this Pak-US alliance, US President Obama will be sending US $ in “aid” not for the Pakistani Military but instead for the Educational System of Pakistan!

So Washington Post in regards to this very seroius problem in Pakistan- which is ignored by the corrupt elite, the so called Democratic governments, and also ignored by US sponsored Dictatorships- has just further increased the misconception of the Americans.

American Public is very ill-informed about Pakistan and has many misconceptions about Islam. Thanks goes to the American Media, that is designed or has happened to evolve is such a way that the usual reportings on these topics are just based on bunch of lies, phobias, assumptions and generalizations. Washington Post, NY Times, Chicago Tribune and many more mainstream newspaper mediums share some what the same amount of “problem” relating to reporting the issues in the Muslim World, in particular of Pakistan in this case.

Examining the Article & the Real Issue:

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America’s Aid or Charity- Why Do Pakistanis Oppose US Charity

The following is the long comment that I posted at this Blog “Zainab Jewaanjee”. I thought this in itself can be a separate post on my blog so here it is.

Zainab wrote:
[…]Finally, your comment on the States not spending “a dime to Pakistan” is an interesting concept. AID is increasingly seen as of little value and there’s skepticism of American assistnace in particular.

My response:

Right the skepticism about the US aid and its declining public support is primary because US gov likes to give charity not aid. See there is a differece, at least to me.

Charity is you give it away feeling sympathetic or for some other reason, tomorrow that person is back on the street asking again. You have changed nothing!

Aid is that you do something so that tomorrow that person is not back on the street but instead is now capable to find his/her own way.

Well known Muslim Economist from Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus once said that the concept of Chariy today is totally un effective and doesn’t solve the core problem, since the next day the person is on the street.

So why US “aid” doesn’t get support. Well look where this so called aid goes.

1] Pakistan Military- Pak Military already gets the most of the Pakistan’s Budget itself. More “aid” from foriegn gov for defence. Don’t see how that works when US has military deals with next door rival India (the nuclear tech agreement of Bush, even though India is not a member of Nuclear Prolifiration!!)

2] Madarsa Reform- recently US aid was given to reform Madarasa. Where is the sense in that. Any one who is on the street, nows that that is not the priority of the people. Moreover, Madaris are the product of the failure of Pakistanis Gov. Gov’s inability to reform its national educations system. Why not reform the private schools who are producing self hating Pakistanis and anti-Islam????

In both condition, the people remain poor, exploited by the corruption, thug and weapon (asla) culture, voting is bogus we all know that even if US observors sit in Islamabad. Youth is unemployed.

What the “aid” has changed is the common Pakistani ask!!

And so I call it Charity.


So what do I suggest US should do? United States should not waste its money. If US wants productive results in Pakistan, give the Education Ministry of Pakistan, and keep a close eye. Let the Pakistani Parliament and Scholars/ Policy shape the Education policy of Pakistn.

Madrasa Reform through charity would only waste the money and isn’t and won’t change any thing. It is not something very hard to be understood. Its a very simple concept.

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