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Getting out of the Sex Trade and Modern Slavery

“These stories are of success, struggles, and an eye opener for us all.”

The Talk of the Nation of the NPR News aired two programs today “Getting off the Streets and Out of the Sex Trade” and “Human Trafficking in U.S.”

As a Muslim I always looked badly towards Prostitution and Human Trafficking but I never realized how severe the things are. Talks on such issues are almost nonexistent in the Muslim communities, at least the ones that I have been in contact.

These stories are of success, struggles, and an eye opener for us all.

Why Am I Posting This??

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HIV in Pakistan: An emerging menace

Although the following article is written by 2 Pakistani Medical Students and it is simply a research article for their class, I am posting it in full with my follow up thoughts after the article. Pity what has come down to this so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. My thought are intended on the issue and not directed towards these students or the Medical College or the Association!!


“HIV in Pakistan: An emerging menace”

By Abdul Rahman, Syed Muhammad Ali Saad: Journal of Pakistan Medical Association- Student Section

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