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Video: Forgiving Others! Do we? by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood

Beautiful short lecture over forgiving others. Do we really forgive others?

If the video is not found, please click here.

Few words that the speaker used, and its English equivalent.

Jannah= Paradise

Izzah= Self Respect

Dunya= This World

Munafiqeen= Hypocrites

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The Reality of this World (Dunya) by Sheikh Zahir Mahmood

The Reality of this Dunya (world) beautifully explained by Shaykh Zahir Mahmood. Please watch, ponder and share!

If the video is missing, please click here.

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Insight into Imam Abu Hanifa: Learn, Respect, & Defend the Imam of the East and the West

Many people now a days attack and slander Imam Abu Hanifa rahimullah. The video below is one that will hopefully enlighten you towards him. Regardless of what Fiqh Continue reading


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