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Brief Ramadan Advice from a Shaykh

Nasihah (Advice):

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“Muslim Youth Start Studying Early: Don’t be an ignorant shaykh” said Urwah ibn Al-Zaubayr

It is reported that Hisham bin ‘Urwah said, reporting from his father, ‘Urwah bin Al-Zubayr – Allah have mercy on him,

“He used to say to us when we were youths, ‘Why do you not Continue reading


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The basis of Islam is Justice and Equity, not Injustice, Extremism and Terrorism: said Saudi Grand Mufti at Hajj Sermon

The Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, made it clear once and for all that Religious Scholars (Ulema) of Islam have been and are against extremism and terrorism.

Delivery the Hajj sermon in the Nimra Mosque (Masjid Nimra) at the Mount Arafat, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh clearly said:

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Shiekh Hamza Yusuf: Lets STOP The Debates

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Imam Malik’s E-mail Address :)

At Sheikh Faraz Rabbani’s Facebook Page, I encountered this status below.

Sheikh Faraz Rabbani: Got asked a question. Said I don’t know. They got upset. Quoted Malik’s example on not answering when unsure. They asked for his email!

Different people will learn different thing from it. I learned that how much education Muslims are lacking, that alhamdolilah (all praise due to Allah) that I am not at that stage, and that how much we (me first) need to educate ourself, and pass it around us!

Who is Imam Malik?

Below picture is clearer when you click at it!

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