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Steering in the new direction!

Some brothers have asked me why I haven’t posted my thoughts about the political uprisings and on similar topics lately. I have noticed that too, most of my posts lately have been related to Islam.

You see there comes a time in your life when a lot of things happen to you very quickly and all those events folding in your life direct you to a common realization. Probably you have experienced that! Something like that has happened in my life.

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Brief Ramadan Advice from a Shaykh

Nasihah (Advice):

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Hadith 23: Don’t be fooled by appearances

Anas ibn Malik reports Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:Allah does not look at your bodies and your faces, but He looks at your hearts and your actions.(Reported by Imam Ahmad, declared Hasan by al-Albani)I guess this is self explanatory. We all can understand the basic idea behind this hadith. God looks at what is in our hearts and what we do (our actions). Our appearences is of no concern to Him. God thus doesn’t care about your color, lineage, … Read More

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