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America The Resilient by Zainab Jeewanjee

Today prompts us to reassess and revamp relations with Pakistan, who once again has proven itself as an effective ally at wartime. This victory is an opportunity to foster a fresh relationship that can be something more than transactional and more transparent.

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Another look at the attack on Coptic Church in Egypt by Dawud Walid

By Dawud Walid| Source

The recent tragedy of the suicide bombing of a Coptic church in Egypt has not received much in depth analysis in Western media.  Many journalists have focused on this tragedy as part of a supposed systematic scheme to cleanse Christians from the Middle East or at least it being a sign of the severe hardships that Christians face at the hands of Muslims.  And though no one has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet and law enforcement has not identified who the perpetrator was, the popular assumption is that the attack must have been perpetrated by a Muslim despite the fact that there have been Christian suicide bombers in the region.

This morning, I received an e-mail from an Arab-American Christian colleague that is currently in Egypt now.  This is some of what she stated:

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Why do Chechans commit Suicide attacks? CPOST research reveals

Map of Chechnya- Source: Worldatlas.com

The New York Times covered a story yesterday on March 30th, 2010, on the research done by the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism on the Chechan suicide attacks, especially by the Chechan women.

Its a very important and informative read. It is also important because of the 2 recent bombings in the Subway in Russia, that Russia is calling it to be the works of “Islamic” Extremists. Even though presently, it is not known who is behind the Russian submay bombings but the article tells us the reasons of the suicide attacks by Chechans in Russia.

Chechnya’s leading rebel commanders, Doku Umarov, issued video statements warning of attacks in Russia proper. “The Russians think the war is distant,” he said. “Blood will not only spill in our towns and villages but also it will spill in their towns … our military operations will encompass the entirety of Russia.” He also made clear that his campaign was not about restoring any Islamic caliphate, but about Chechen independence:

 “This is the land of our brothers and it is our sacred duty to liberate these lands.”

Read the full article in order to understand further.

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