Wikileaks: NY Time’s allegations and the response

By now most of you might have heard about the wikileaks, the online publication of the classified material on the war in Afghanistan.

New York Times published a story based on these leaked reports that Pakistan’s ISI is supporting Taliban in the war.

Zainab Jeewanjee wrote a concise post at her blog that I suggest reading.


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8 responses to “Wikileaks: NY Time’s allegations and the response

  1. Moe

    As you know umer, the ISI has ALWAYS supported the Taliban. Hell, they created them, didn’t they?

    • No, ISI never created Taliban. Taliban Movement was a responce of religious students to the corruption of the US-Israel-Saudi-Pak funded war lords in their proxy war against the Sovients.

      These warlords use to take little girls for their sexual pleasure, when one day a mother came to the Madrasa and criticized the teacher for preaching about God yet doing nothing about the rape of girls. After the speech of that Mother the teacher all emotional, asked his students for volunteers. The group attacked the warlord, beheaded him and his men. The news spread to other towns and the similar uprisings took place.

      Thats how the original Taliban movement started. What the so-called Free world couldn’t do, the original Taliban movement did- controlled over 90% of Afghanistan, eradicated poppy fields, established law and order. When they tried to ask the International community for recognition, no one did except Pakistan (for ofcourse strategic interests). Thats when ISI came in, to keep the Afghan gov at friendly terms with Pakistan.

      I mean just 8 months before 9/11 Afghan Taliban’s gov US Ambassdor met with Bush’s brother in Florida. There is a lot that the Western Media censores about this particular part of the Afghan history. The “Taliban” today have nothing to do with those Taliban.

      Plus now we have 2 kinds- Afghan Taliban & Pakistan Taliban. 2 complete separate ideologies and groups with different agendas. Afghan T wants the NATO forces out, whereas, Pak T wants to destabilize Pakistan. So either way, it doesn’t make sense that ISI would fund either group. However, they ofcourse do have contacts for peaceful deals, as now Mr Karzai admits and even Obama had to say in one of his speeches.

      • Moe

        Sorry – I stand corrected. I was thinking about how in the 80’s, the US funded the mujahadeen, who were supported by Pak, weren’t they? Pak didnt want the damn Soviet Union on their border.

        And then, many of the mujahadeen fighters became Taliban.

        Is that right?

      • Moe

        Didn’t know about two Talibans.

        I do remember that they stabilized Afghanistan but of course at the price of terrifying many people. This world of ours is a very rough place!

      • @ Moe

        That is right, Pakistan didn’t want the Communism spreading within its borders. Plus Sovients by invading Afghanistan and having a military partnership with India had created political unstability for Pakistan on its East and West borders. So the Pakistan jumped into this proxy war only to be left to deal with the millions of Afghan refugees and the responsibility to deal with the Post-Communist Afghanistan.

        Many of the Mujahideen indeed joined the uprising with Taliban because they once again thought that by doing so they will be able to establish their government.

        While we can’t ignore that Pakistan supported those Taliban for its strategic interest (to counter the influence of India in Afghanistan) the world ignored Afghanis for decades at the mercy of the weak Pakistani economy.

      • Everyone knows the incident of Taliban destroying the Buddhist Statues. You must have heard & read about it too.

        But what they don’t tell the people is the entire story. There were over 300 children starving in that town alone. Forget the villages and towns near the location of the statutes.

        While International Aid was ignored, and International Community refused to recognize Taliban Afghan government. By destroying the poppy fields by Taliban, the Afghan drug export industry had also affected its economy.

        During that time, when medicines were not available and children were starving and dying, bunch of tourist from some European Historic preservation group came to visit the town and said that they will invest money in preserving the statutes.

        The local authorities ask them the visitors to invest in the starving children but the group refused to do so. The issue was brought to the Shura Council (legislative body like a parliament) and they agreed that if the foreigners don’t care about the people of Afghanistan then they should not care about our culture either. This is when they “bombed” the statues.

        A lot of the history is just partial narrative. There is an old NPR interview on this issue in which the Afghan Foreign Minister or Ambassador explains this situation in much better words.

        Human Beings are weird. They would do anything to change the narration of the events to fit their agendas, while few get rich and richer and only poor people suffer.

      • Moe

        [Human Beings are weird. They would do anything to change the narration of the events to fit their agendas]

        You know the old expression . . . “History is written by the winners”

  2. Plus as Zainab Jeewanjee poitned out in her article that NY Times although admitting that the sources of these documents are not verified and not trusted, they are however willing to publicize that Pakistan’s ISI is funding Taliban.

    I left a comment at her post and I am going to copy it here:

    “This issue will go away in a week or so. All this is just Media frenzy.

    One day one American top politican says that Pakistan is doing a good job, and then next day another top politician says that Pakistan has ties with Taliban. I have been noticing this for months now!!

    All this has an objective that is far beyond our understanding and our comprehension. Only few on the top knows the reasons of the word play!!”

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